PhD Studies

Current PhD projects associated with Beyond Disasters

Phoebe Quinn

Completed PhD projects

Kate Brady

What supports recovery from emergency events (in high income, developed countries) from the perspective of people affected by emergencies. (2013-2017). Supervisors: Lisa Gibbs, Louise Harms. APA scholarship. (Successful completion)

Connie Kellett

Anger, and anger support, for individuals and communities affected by the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. (2011-2017). Supervisors: Louise Harms, Lisa Gibbs. APAI scholarship through the Beyond Bushfires ARC Linkage Grant. (Successful completion)

Lauren Kosta

Parenting after a disaster: Experiences since Black Saturday. (2013-2017) Supervisors: Louise Harms, Lisa Gibbs, David Rose. STRAPA scholarship through the Melbourne Social Equity Institute. (Successful completion)

Marian Lok

A Network Society: The study of the use of Information and Communication Technology in long-term disaster recovery. (2011-2015). Supervisors: Louise Harms, Lisa Gibbs. Faculty Research Scholarship and the IBES top-up scholarship. (Successful completion)

Gisela van Kessel

An exploration of the interventions perceived to influence the resilience of adult populations to the effects of natural disasters. (2011-2013). Professional Doctorate. School of Public Health, Flinders University, Supervisors: Colin MacDougall, Lisa Gibbs. (Successful completion)