Community-led recovery

Community-led recovery: collecting government workers views

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What is this study about?
Community-led recovery is one of the underlying principles of disaster recovery in Australia. While all State & Territory government and the federal government have agreed that ‘Using community-led approaches’ ss a core principle of disaster recovery, the way that this is understood and applied across the country varies widely.

We are asking people who are in (or have recently been in) government disaster recovery or emergency management roles to share their views about community-led recovery so we can better understand the different ways that it is understood.

This is part of a larger study looking at different ways to support communities after disasters.

Who is eligible to participate?
People who have been in government (local, state or federal) disaster recovery or emergency management related roles in Australia between 2020 – 2024.  

I used to work for government, but I no longer do. Am I eligible to participate?
If you have been employed by government (local, state or federal) in a disaster recovery or emergency management related role in Australia anytime between 2020 – 2024 you are eligible to participate.

Do I have to participate?
No, participation is voluntary.

Why are you only surveying government employees?
This survey is part of a bigger study. In an earlier part of our study, community members who were part of community recovery committees told us that the way governments think about community-led recovery affected the formation, scope and actions of their groups. We think it’s important to understand the range of ways that people who work for government understand what community-led recovery is so that we can help build a more comprehensive understanding of what the barriers and enablers of community-led approaches in disaster recovery are.

Will I be paid for my participation?
No. Participation is voluntary.

How can I get information about the results of this study?
We anticipate that we will be publishing our initial findings in December 2024. We will publish these findings on the University of Melbourne website and via our networks. If you would like to be added to a mailing list of people who receive the results of this study, please email