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Every year, an increasing number of young people are affected by disasters in Australia. These experiences can deeply impact their mental health and wellbeing.
But young people also have unique strengths and creative ideas that can make them and their communities more resilient.
Because of this, the Youth Views project aimed to support their journey to recovery by creating a resource for and with young people who have been affected by disasters.

‘This resource is aimed to help young adolescents to deal with trauma and disasters, share coping skills, and share our youth view.

We aim to connect with young adolescents and let them know they are not alone, that what they are feeling, thinking, and going through is normal and that it is okay to want help and reach out.’

- April Harrison and Megan Wall,
National DRANZSEN Forum 2020

Resource and links

Youth Views: a resource to booklet to help you get back on your feet

Booklet cover for Youth Views

Youth views: peer-to-peer learning for disaster resilience: Recorded presentation at the National DRANZSEN Forum


This project was funded by a Perpetual grant.


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