ARC Grants awarded to Bec Bentley

Rebecca Bentley is the recipient of two ARC awards.  Please see below:

Rebecca Bentley (Lead Investigator), Gender and Women’s Health Unit, (ARC Discovery Project) ­­– " Closing the housing gap: a spotlight on intergenerational inequalities.” ($485,000.00, 2019-2021)

This project aims to use never-before analysed combinations of datasets and new data on Australian housing conditions to model the consequences of unequal access to housing and housing wealth among Australians, and to evaluate both individual and national benefits of housing interventions across generations. The consequences of unequal access to housing are different for current and future generational cohorts. This project expects to reveal the drivers and health consequences of the intergenerational housing gap. Research-based insights on the intergenerational housing crisis will benefit almost all Australians affected by the unprecedented costs of ownership and renting.

Rebecca Bentley, Gender and Women’s Health Unit, (ARC Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities 2019) ­­– “An Australian rental housing conditions data infrastructure” ($372,210, 2019).  Led by Emma Baker, University of Adelaide

This project aims to provide researchers and policy stakeholders with essential data infrastructure on Australia’s rental housing conditions. The rental sector is home to almost one third of all Australians, however we have no large-scale data infrastructure to monitor and understand it. This project will provide essential data infrastructure and make it publicly available. The project will support Australian research and policy to be underpinned by robust data and evidence in the future, enabling policy to better address the nation’s economic, social, and urban goals.

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