2018 MSPGH Award for Excellence in Service or Leadership

Professor Stuart Kinner, Justice Health Unit

Judges’ Comments

Stuart established the Justice Health Unit in CHE in 2018, and already the team has achieved a lot this year, in terms of publications, funding and public health engagement. Stuart has a number of appointments nationally and internationally, recognising his leadership in Justice Health.

Pretty amazing outputs – don’t know how he is doing it ☺ – love the way the group has nominated him as this suggests excellent team leadership - and his international and national appointments show excellent thought and academic leadership – Yes - he is a definite for leadership.

Outstanding leadership and mentorship – in particular in a very important area which has not received the attention and support it needs. Stuart has been a real ‘warrior ‘ in the area developing very high level links with the justice / police / and corrections sectors over a significant period of time – and bringing that together in the School with the formation of the Justice Health Unit. I believe this will make a very significant impact on this important research area and help drive a more humane approach to incarceration – particularly of our youth. He has also been a fantastic mentor to his staff.

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