Kerryn Moore

The influence of the gestational age at malaria detection and treatment during pregnancy on adverse outcomes in an area of low endemicity

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Supervisors name: Prof Julie Simpson, A/Prof Freya Fowkes, Prof Rose McGready

My PhD aims to provide a temporal characterisation of the effects of falciparum and vivax malaria throughout pregnancy on adverse pregnancy outcomes in an area of low malaria endemicity. My research will contribute to our understanding of the effects of falciparum and vivax malaria in pregnancy, as well as how the effects of malaria in pregnancy vary by the gestation time of malaria detection and treatment, in areas of low endemicity. By doing so, this research will inform treatment guidelines; contribute to a context-appropriate evidence-base for targeting existing or new interventions for malaria in pregnancy – such as screening or presumptive treatment – to when during pregnancy they are most needed; and will help to accurately assess the burden of malaria in pregnancy in an era of declining endemicity.

PhD scholarship: Australian Postgraduate Award

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