About Us

We are a diverse team of scientists quantifying the health, health equity and cost impacts of population interventions

Our vision

To improve health outcomes and reduce health inequities through decision-making that is routinely informed by health, cost and equity impacts of different interventions.

We are at a point in time where we can structure existing data and research through simulation modelling to answer the important questions of: “what health gain and cost (savings) would Intervention X lead to, and for whom?”.  SHINE will achieve this by blending epidemiology, economics, data science, clinical science and health equity approaches.

Our staff

Meet our diverse team of epidemiologists, economists, clinicians, data and computer scientists and equity experts. If you are interested in joining our team, contact us.

Professor Tony Blakely, Unit Head, Epidemiologist & Public Health Medicine Specialist

Dr Kirsti Hakala Assendelft, Research Coordinator

Dr Driss Ait Ouakrim, Research Fellow in Epidemiology

Dr Tim Wilson, Simulation Modelling and Software Engineering

Dr Shiva Raj Mishra, Research Fellow in Epidemiology

Professor Vijaya Sundararajan, Clinical Epidemiologist

Hassan Andrabi, Simulation Modelling  and Software Engineering