University of Melbourne Award for Excellence in Team-Based Research Programs

Dr Daniel Buchanan, Dr Aung Ko Win, Professor Mark Jenkins and Professor John Hopper were presented with the University of Melbourne Award for Excellence in Team-Based Research Programs.

The Award is for their research on Colorectal Cancer Genetic Epidemiology: Aetiology and Prevention for Precision Health.  Apart from these four team leaders, the award also recognises the outstanding efforts of other team members from the Centre: Driss Ait Ouakrim, Louisa Flander, Jeanette Reece, James Dowty, Adrian Bickerstaffe, Enes Makalic, Ghazaleh Dashti, Judi Maskiell, Maggie Angelakos, Grant Lee, Samantha Fox, Harindra Jayasekara, Ellie Dillon, Lin Zhang, Fiona Munro, Fiona Phillips, Sharelle Joseland, Nicole Eggers, Robert MacInnis and Graham Giles; as well as collaborators in Pathology (Mark Clendenning), General Practice (Jon Emery and Jennifer Walker), Melbourne Health (Ingrid Winship, Finlay Macrae and Alex Boussioutas), Victoria Life Sciences Initiative (Bernie Pope, Khalid Mahmood), and University of Queensland (Christophe Rosty).

The team have established a program to reduce the burden of colorectal cancer, one of Australia’s most commonly diagnosed and deadly cancers. They are a genetic epidemiology team applying advanced analyses and contemporary technologies to large international resources for precision health—the right prevention strategies applied in the right context to the right people.