Congratulations Dr Dinh Bui on being awarded Dyason Fellowship

Dinh Bui

Project title: Identifying profiles of biomarkers and their ability to predict lung function trajectories leading to COPD and following COPD

Understanding lung function trajectories leading to COPD is clinically important for prediction of disease progression and individualised management. However, it is almost impossible for physicians to identify the lung function trajectory in a newly diagnosed COPD patient, as information on past lung function measurements is rarely available. This project aims to investigate profiles of different biomarkers and their ability to differentiate lifetime lung function trajectories that lead to COPD or follow COPD using combined data from Australia and Europe. Dr Rosa Faner, a biologist by training and extensive research in biomarkers, will visit and work with us in this joint project.

The Dyason Fellowship assists University staff to undertake or host a short-term international visit that fosters significant and lasting research collaborations with leading international researchers and their academic networks. This support will allow Dr Bui to strengthen an international collaboration with a research group from University of Barcelona.

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