Announcement NHMRC Partnership Grant

Taking Breast Cancer Risk Prediction to the Next Level and Making it Accessible – $478,079, Prof John Hopper

In partnership with a Melbourne-based genomics company, GeneType, the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, the Cancer Council Victoria, Professor Hopper and his research team have been awarded a NHMRC Partnership grant of  $478,079 to take breast cancer risk prediction to the next level and make it accessible. They will: (i) improve a marketed genetic risk predictor by applying new approaches to the analysis of genome-wide association data, (ii) further develop automated risk-predicting measures based on digital mammography, and (iii) use the population-based Australian Breast Cancer Family Registry to create a simple algorithm for predicting breast cancer risk from the family history data routinely collected by BreastScreen Victoria. These initiatives will make it possible for women to easily determine breast cancer risk based on the strongest known risk factors and to receive advice on screening, clinical management and prevention based on their risk through an accessible pipeline made possible by the partners.