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>  Caring for our Elders: Early Responses India Ageing Report 2017

> Disrupt Aging: The Book, a bold new path to living your best life at every age. Author: Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of AARP

> 100 and counting: the secrets to a long life. A 10 minute YouTube documentary by filmmaker Geeta Sondhi about the matriarch and patriarch (100 and 110 years old respectively) of a Iranian-Canadanian clan

> Co-housing works well for older people, once they get past the image problem. Article featured in The Conversation

> Is age variety, the key to organisational productivity? Blog authored by Monica Pham and Oliva Tsen from Deloitte

> Working Women, Ageing Parents: Some Advice for Caregiving Daughters. Authored by Liz O’Donnell,3373137b-142c-6fea-fd9f-d787a97d5b80

> International Aged Care: A Quick Guide. Australian Parliamentary Library.

> Retirement Village Living: the Good, the Bad and the (downright) Ugly. Authored by Dr Sue Malta from the National Ageing Research Institute

> Powers of Attorney. From the Office of the Public Advocate

> Dying behind bars? A blog by Carly Benner Zapata for GeriPal, a Geriatrics and Palliative Care Blog

> Speaking with: Nancy Pachana on planning for an active and engaged ageing population. Podcast with Professor Nancy Pachana from the University of Queensland, featured in The Conversation

> Let’s End Ageism. A 12 minute TED talk by Ashton Applewhite

> Why Japan will profit the most from artificial intelligence.

[Source: Dr Ruth Williams is the Academic Convenor of the Hallmark Ageing Research Initiative at the University of Melbourne]