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Our Mentoring Program will support our career and professional objectives as individuals and as a School.

Professor Nancy Baxter

I am very pleased to announce that the Mentoring@MPSGH Program starts in June 2021. At our School we work with public health leaders as well as great people leaders who demonstrate our core values, including; collaboration and teamwork, compassion, respect, integrity, and accountability.

The program is designed to support both academic and professional staff, enabling a sharing of our skills and expertise. While this program is an exciting initiative and an important way for staff to contribute as leaders of the School, it is only one way to support our overall expectation of mentoring at the School. We are all involved in supporting these values, through our interactions with our colleagues every day. We all informally and in many cases formally (through other programs), have mentoring interactions every day and I encourage that to continue.

We acknowledge that not all our staff are able to participate in this first cohort and I would like to stress that this does not reflect the value and respect that is felt for all members of our School. We do have planned initiatives around RHD student support and an all-staff approach to mentoring and development and this will be rolled out over the coming period. This program, while commencing this year, will certainly not be a single year event and there will be future opportunity for refinement.

I encourage you to consider registering as a mentee for the program and I also ask that mentors come on board. This is an important way for all of us to show our leadership and of course as always, never stop learning ourselves. Being a mentor is a great opportunity to share what you know, and support others to achieve tangible benefits in their career. I would like to thank the Mentoring Advisory Group for the time and effort they have given to enabling this important initiative.

We are seeking applications from professional and academic staff at the MPSGH. Please read the participant guidelines (for mentees and mentors) below:

Participant Guidelines

Professor Nancy Baxter 
Head of Melbourne School of Population and Global Health