Childbearing Indian Migrant Women’s Expectations and Experiences of Care

A Case Study for Improving Health Systems Responsiveness

Current research suggests that migrant women’s expectations of maternity care are shaped by their social and migrant situations and can go beyond just the clinical management of pregnancy. Many studies, both globally and in Australia, have explored migrant women’s experiences of maternity care. However, few have examined migrant women’s expectations of such services and whether the health system responds to these expectations.

The Childbearing Indian Migrant Women’s Expectations and Experiences of Care study will investigate whether maternity care services in Melbourne respond to the expectations of Indian migrant women, based on their experiences with these services. It also aims to understand how Indian migrant women’s social and migrant situations influence their expectations and experiences of care. We expect this study will provide insights to improve the Australian health system’s responsiveness to migrant populations.

Would you be  interested in participating in this research  project?

What's involved?

  • Participants will take part in one or two one-hour long individual interviews with our researchers
  • You will be asked questions on your life in India and migration to Melbourne, Australia. You will also be asked questions about your initial expectations of maternity care services, before you became pregnant, and your experiences with these services.
  • If you are currently pregnant, you will be asked to participate in two individual interviews – one during your pregnancy and one after your baby is born. If you recently gave birth, you would take part in at least one interview.
  • Interviews can be scheduled to take place at a community setting of your convenience or according to your preference, and at your convenience.

Are you eligible?

You may be eligible for participation if you:

  • Migrated to Melbourne, Australia from India after 2011
  • Are currently pregnant or gave birth after 2019

How to participate

If you are interested in participating in this study, please forward your contact email and phone number to Ms Kimberly Lakin.

Email OR  TEXT your details to 0430276464

Participation in this study is voluntary