PhD Completion Seminar Belinda Spagnoletti

PhD Completion SEMINAR

Modern multitasking mamas: Exploring the reproductive experiences, understandings & desires of recently delivered middle class women in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Date: Friday, 19 January 2018 at 11.30 – 12.30 pm

Venue: Arole Room, Nossal Institute for Global Health Level 5, 333 Exhibition Street, CBD

Abstract:   Despite Indonesia’s persistently high rate of maternal mortality, the reproductive health and family planning experiences of postpartum women have been underexplored. Middle class women have typically been overlooked in reproductive and sexual health research in Indonesia, even though they represent a significant and growing proportion of women of reproductive age.

In exploring the experiences, understandings and desires of middle classwomen who have recently given birth in relation to family planning and infant feeding, Belinda’s thesis intersects with issues of social stratification, gender norms, religious piety, work-life balance, and traditional and contemporary perspectives on reproductive health and wellbeing. Its original theoretical contributions lie in the areas of reproductive agency, reproductive modernity and reproductive politics.

Belinda’s thesis unpacks the relational context in which women’s family planning understandings were situated and their preferences for non-hormonal and non-biomedical contraceptives. It also critiques the Government of Indonesia’s recent exclusive breastfeeding legislation and other dominant infant feeding health promotions, contrasting these with women’s infant feeding experiences. Women’s transitions from maternity leave into the paid work sector are also explored

Biographical details: Belinda earned her Bachelor of Arts (Hons, First Class) in International Studies at the University of South Australia and was awarded a university medal for her undergraduate studies. She has extensive research experience gained in Australia and Indonesia in reproductive and sexual health; Indigenous health, education and language; and international development and politics

Dr Linda Bennett, Head: Education and Learning Unit & A/P Michelle Kermode, Nossal Institute for Global Health

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