PhD Completion Seminar - Anteneh Asefa

Improving Respectful Maternity Care in Ethiopia: Health System Constraints and Mitigation Approaches


Low uptake of maternal health care services, especially skilled birth attendance, remains a key challenge to reducing maternal mortality in Ethiopia and other low- and middle-income countries. A significant portion of the low uptake of services is attributable to poor quality of care which spans both clinical and non-clinical aspects of care, which includes the mistreatment of women. Respectful maternity care (RMC) is crucial to advance facility-based childbirth, quality of care, and rights of childbearing women.
I conducted a mixed methods interventional study which used: a complex adaptive systems theory to identify health system constraints to RMC and a multilevel modelling to test the effectiveness of the multicomponent intervention.
Several system hardware and software elements operated in complexity to constrain RMC; the mistreatment of women reduced by 18% after the intervention.
Promoting RMC from a health system strengthening perspective is required if Ethiopia is to eliminate the Anteneh Asefa is a PhD candidate in the Nossal Institute for Global Health. Before joining the Nossal Institute, he worked as a health system researcher and lecturer in Ethiopian higher education institutions.
Anteneh has extensive research experience in maternal, sexual, and reproductive health; HIV/AIDS, and other diseases of poverty. Anteneh is fellow of the Emerging Voices for Global Health; Maternal Health Young Champions; Policy Communication Fellows; and Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders.mistreatment of women and thereby advance maternal health.

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