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What are the current issues in Global Health? Professor Barbara McPake, Director, Nossal Institute for Global Health, discusses.

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Who wants to kill you by telling you not to get the vaccine and why?

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Free Riding, Tipping Points and the G20: will lessons be learned from the catastrophic global failures in COVID-19?

Has COVID-19 shaken the complacency of the leaders of the G20 nations into taking steps to address the multiple crises the world is facing? Professor Barbara McPake, Nossal Institute Director, suggests optimism might lie in a tipping point prognosis

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20 years of health system progress in Afghanistan: what now?

As the Taliban resume control of Afghanistan, Professor Barbara McPake, Nossal Institute Director, gives some thought to the impact on the Health Systems. After substantial investment in rebuilding a public health system associated with some of the worst health outcomes ever observed, what are the prospects for retaining any of the gains made since 2001?

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 Government Managed Primary Health Centre

Regulating the informal sector and respecting people’s choices in the health system

too many  governments are simply unwilling, or incapable of investing in public health services in ways that ensure a combination of price and quality levels that can attract people away from unreliable providers. Professor Barbara McPake, discusses the critical role of resourcing the public health system in providing a baseline of service quality

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Pandemic preparedness: What have we learned from COVID-19?

The experience of the last 18 months has clarified that health system capacity is a lot more than numbers of hospital beds and qualified health workers.  In our latest Issues In Global Health, Barbara McPake and Clare Strachan discuss the complexities of Pandemic Preparedness

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Health systems in transitions: the need for transformation in primary health care

There is an urgent need for a new vision of primary health care in the 21st century. In the latest Global Issues in Public Health Barbara McPake and Wes Pryor discuss Health Systems & the need for transformation and how better to integrate rehabilitation into health system.

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Economy and public health: Partners or rivals?

Health and economy are generally viewed as mutually supportive. Health relies on an economy that can offer the population sustainable livelihoods. At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed that health and economy had suddenly become rivals, or even deadly foes.

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Aid hesitancy: a Global Scourge

British Members of parliament voted to lock-in cuts to foreign aid. This action is not unique.  The commitment to achieving 0.7% of national income foreign aid, first agreed by the UN General Assembly in 1970, is in tatters. In the face of news of the real impact, there is evidence that attitudes in the UK are changing.

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COVID-19 Vaccines for all. Where are we at?

Rich countries have bought up so much of the global vaccine supply that some could vaccinate their whole populations several times over.  32 countries have signed up for enough vaccine to fully vaccinate more than double their populations

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