Indian Government visit to the University to discuss engagement in disability

This week Chancellery International hosted an official delegation from the Indian Government to further develop the University’s work with India around disability.   The delegation was led by Joint Secretary Tarika Roy from the Department of Empowerment of People with Disability (DEPWD), Government of India.

Over the last three years A/Prof Nathan Grills (Nossal Institute) and Prof Bruce Bonyhady (MDI) have developed a strong relationship with the DEPWD.  This led to a bilateral India-Australia MoU being signed on disability during the President of India’s visit in 2018

Prof Michael Wesley, Deputy Vice Chancellor International, welcomed the delegation at a formal reception and a roundtable was held to discuss various projects. Four of these projects involve researchers from MSPGH and  were announced by both the DVCI and Tarika Roy:

  1. Using the NDIS experience to model the benefits of investing in disability in India (Bruce Bonyhady, Ajay Mahal, Barbara McPake, Nathan Grills)
  2. Nae Disha intervention to build mental health resilience in schools in India:  Seed funds were approved from Oxford University and Chancellery International whilst DEPWD committed in-kind resources.  (Greg Armstrong, Kaaren Mathias, Nathan Grills)
  3. Joint Leadership program for leaders in disability from India (Rob Moodie, Nathan Grills, Sam Byfield)
  4. The co-design of a competency-based framework for training in Community Disability Inclusion workers and the course’s roll out across India (Lindsey Gale, Nathan Grills)

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