Health Security in Indonesia: Interdisciplinary and Regional Perspectives 25th October 2019

On Friday 25th October 2019, the Nossal Institute joined the Indonesia Forum in co-convening the one-day symposium Health Security in Indonesia: Interdisciplinary and Regional Perspectives. Three expert panels engaged in an interdisciplinary dialogue on health security in Indonesia looking at current and emerging challenges. Throughout the day the group explored the broader conceptual parameters of health security and its relevance to global health research agendas. Insights from current research in both urban and rural contexts in Indonesia highlighted the complexity of issues faced, and the ways in which societal and environmental transitions are driving both emerging and sustained health security threats in the region. The dialogue involved sharing examples of interdisciplinary research methodologies that engage with health security as a product of the intersections of human and animal health systems, and the natural systems in which these are embedded. Discussions of inequity, and particularly inequities in health system coverage and capacity, were also crucial to conceptualising priorities for research and action seeking to promote health security in the Indonesian context.

Speakers included:

Robin Davies (DFAT), Prof Wiku Adisasmito (INDOHUN), Dr Anna Okello (ACIAR), Tiara Marthias (Nossal Institute), Dr Kris Hort (Nossal Institute), Dr Juan Pablo Villanueva-Cabezas (Doherty Institute), Dr Amanda Achmadi (MSD UoM), Dr Kate Gomersall (Nossal Institute), Dr Alex Robinson (Nossal Institute) and Prof Tony Capon (Monash Sustainable Development Institute). Opening remarks were provided by Prof Vedi Hadiz (Asia Institute), and the day was chaired by A/Prof Linda Bennet (Nossal Institute), Prof Barbara McPake (Nossal Institute), Dr Angus Campbell (Nossal Institute) and Prof Peter Annear (Nossal Institute).

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