Meet Yu - My research experience with Nossal

During her MPH studies, Yu was touched by the huge disparity in population health between different countries.

Yu WenAfter completing a Bachelor of Arts, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Yu began a Master of Public Health, University of Melbourne.She decided to do a research project related to global health for her capstone.  Passing world-renowned expert, in global health, health equity, and digital health Professor Brian Oldenburg on campus, promoted Yu to make contact  and express her enthusiasm to join his research group.

“He was kind and approachable, allowing me to talk about my passion for population health, my plan to pursue a Ph.D. in the future, and all my aspirations in public health,” she says.

Yu's believes it was her enthusiasm that lead to her being asked to join the research group within a week.

In 6 months, Yu has successfully identified a research topic, made a publication plan and completed her first process evaluation. The support and guidance from the researchers in the Non Communicable Diseases(NCD) unit has allowed Yu to become an 'insider' of the academic world.

Yu's research project is about rising cardiometabolic multi-morbidity in the southwestern coastal state of Kerala, India's population. The research is trying to understand the prevalence and cluster pattern of several chronic conditions in south India, and what factors contribute to their onset.

By doing the research in the Indian context, I hope to better understand the challenges in preventing NCDs in LMICs and to help build evidence for the future design of NCD prevention and management programs that are more suitable for the low-and middle-income setting.

Yu is  currently working on implementation science e-hub program. The e-hub program offers an online platform for knowledge and skill development in implementation research, and has the potential to promote the implementation science research into a broader community.

“I am learning that research is not about solo effort, but about teamwork, and academic research should contribute to social progress and help give greater visibility to the difficulties faced by disadvantaged groups.”

Yu Wen
Master of Public Health