Warwick Padgham

When did you do your MPH course?


Which Stream did you do?

I didn’t choose to do a stream as I wanted to be more strategic with my subject choices, in line with broader personal interests and how it aligned with my work.

What value did you get out of the Stream?  

As I didn’t do a stream, I can’t really answer this one. However, I got a lot of value out of the flexibility of choosing from a huge range of subjects. I valued the opportunity to explore public health topics which I am not necessarily exposed to in my work which has certainly helped me broaden my skill set.

How has the course helped you in your career?

The MPH has been enormously beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, my skills in academic writing, research, and dissemination of information have grown which only a Masters program can achieve. I also gained a lot from different topic areas which can be interrelated to my work in Indigenous health even though they may not seem to be connected at the surface. I also learnt how to work with a huge range of different people from across the world with different life experiences to me, which has definitely allowed me to be more patient and understanding in my work. Finally, it’s created a stepping stone for me to enter into a PhD which I plan to undertake soon.  A PhD is going to be critical for me to progress my career and the foundational research skills learned in the MPH along with the small research project I undertook has prepared me to some extent for a research higher degree.

What advice would you give to potential students?

Don’t necessarily rush through it. I juggled full-time work along with study which was fine but taking it at a slower pace allowed me to get a better understanding of the concepts in each subject and consider them in my own contexts such as work or personal life. The other advice I would give is to read widely through each subject, even if it’s not on the reading list. It allows you to see different perspectives as well as see real-world examples happening at the same time you are learning the theory.

What is the best part of the MPH course?

The breadth of knowledge you come out within the end. The subject list is vast and takes advantage of it.

Warwick Padgham
November 2020