Nilab Hamidi

When did you do your MPH course?

I started in 2018 and graduated in December 2019.

Which Stream did you do?

Gender and Women’s Health

What value did you get out of the Stream?  

This is an area I have been interested in even during my undergraduate degree (Health Science), but before I did my MPH I didn’t really have the opportunity to grow and learn more in this area. There was an amazing range of subjects for this area which lead me to meet like-minded people from professors to other students. During my capstone, I became close to our Gender and Women’s Health research group where we could share our experiences, learn from each other, and work with some of the best people in the field. I felt really comfortable and found myself in a support network which motivated me to do my best for the research I was conducting and to complete my MPH.

How has the course helped you in your career?

This course has helped me to develop a number of different skills, from learning about the different research areas to the different research methods, and has even allowed me to become a qualitative researcher and conduct my own research (which I never thought I could do). This course has really helped build my skills but more importantly my confidence because I have been influenced and encouraged by so many people throughout my MPH.

What advice would you give to potential students?

Please use the time you have in the MPH doing what you love, two years went by so quickly for me but I finished it finding what I truly wanted/want to do.

What is the best part of the MPH course?

The research capstone. You have the opportunity to work with a supervisor who will help you to the best of their ability and you will be given the support and freedom to conduct research you want to do, which may be difficult to do within another setting and without the resources from the University.

Nilab Hamidi
November 2020