Evidence-Informed Public Health Training

Training Benefits

The potential benefits of evidence-informed decision making in public health are many-fold:

  • Adoption of the most effective and cost-efficient interventions and approaches;
  • More efficient use of resources;
  • Better health outcomes for individuals and communities.

Evidence-informed Public Health Short Course

This two-day practical workshop helps participants develop skills and confidence using evidence for decision-making in public health and health promotion practice. Course areas include:

  • Defining, searching for, and accessing evidence quickly and easily.
  • Assessing the quality and relevance of evidence.
  • Applying evidence to planning, practice and policy.
  • Evaluation, practice-based evidence.

The course also explores organisational strategies that may support practitioners to work in an 'evidence-informed' way.


  • "An opportunity to provide dedicated time and space to an area that is very current and applicable to my role. It exceeded my expectations in this regard."
  • "... [facilitators] ensured that I could ask questions/engage in discussion in a non-threatening way. Beautifully facilitated. Thank you!"
  • "... it bridged the gap between the academic, policy and practitioner world."

Who has the course been designed for?

Practitioners, planners, project officers and advisors working in areas such as health promotion, public health, and community development; in settings such as the community health sector, Local government, primary care partnership, State government and Non-government organisations.

Want to learn more about the course?

If you are wondering if this is the right course for you, watch our recent webinar which provided an overview of the course modules.

Next Course:

More dates to be released soon

For further enquiries, please email: publichealth-insight@unimelb.edu.au