Review Methods

Public Health interventions are often complex, can involve multiple stakeholders and can result in a range of different outcomes.

Within Public Health Insight, we have a particular focus on the development and adoption of rigourous methods to synthesise evidence relevant to public health. While the context and content is often complex, we aim to be inclusive of all types of evidence and study designs, and to facilitate the production of systematic reviews that reflect the needs and concerns of all relevant stakeholders in this space.

Through the international Cochrane Public Health Group we are actively involved in methodological development across Cochrane and with local review authors, to ensure rigorous and efficient review methods are adopted.

Cochrane reviews are central to our reputation as a source of rigorous, independent research, we also offer a range of systematic review formats to suit individual projects and timeframes. Alongside our work on evidence reviews we develop advanced methodologies for improving how evidence from public health interventions is synthesised and relevant to different contexts globally.