Public Health Evidence Reviews

Public Health Insight has substantial experience in producing evidence reviews. We conduct systematic reviews within the Cochrane Public Health Group, other Cochrane Groups, and other publications relevant to priority policy issues.

Our staff advise and support hundreds of local and international Cochrane review authors on systematic review methods, with more than 60 public health reviews completed or in development. Specifically, from an evidence preparation and synthesis perspective, we conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses, narrative literature reviews, and reviews of reviews (evidence summaries).

We have extensive experience in the development of review methods, protocols and questions; search strategy development and searching; literature retrieval and screening; critical appraisal and grading systems; data extraction; interpreting and synthesising evidence and developing conclusions and recommendations for research, policy and practice.

We have experience in a number of different content areas including:

  • Childhood obesity prevention
  • Disaster management, resilience and rebuilding
  • Environmental lead
  • Oral health
  • Knowledge translation strategies.