Kids in Action on COVID-19

Do you have an example of how children and young people have contributed during the COVID-19 pandemic? Let us know here

The Kids in Action on COVID-19 is an international collaboration that aims to provide a platform for children and young people’s ideas to promote best outcomes during and after the COVID-19 restrictions.

In this project, adult and young researchers will collaborate locally and internationally to find out how children and young people have contributed during the COVID-19 pandemic and create a digital exhibition. Local projects will also engage with their communities to disseminate their findings.

We want to work with young people on doing this because we believe that their ideas and experiences are crucial to understand how to support them during these times of crisis. In this way, we seek to promote opportunities for child and youth citizenship. Additionally, we aim to scale-up the impact of young people’s local contributions by connecting them through an international network.

Our members

Map of kids in action on COVID-19


  • Professor Lisa Gibbs, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Lauren Carpenter, University of Melbourne
  • Katitza Marinkovic, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Ali Black, University of Sunshine Coast
  • Dr Ann Dadich, Western Sydney University
  • Professor Cheryl Vardon, Queensland Family and Child Commission
  • Geraldine Harris, Griffith University, Queensland
  • Dr Jennifer Cartmel, Griffith University
  • Dr Rebekah Grace, Macquarie University
  • Associate Professor Eva Alisic, University of Melbourne
  • Dana Young, University of Melbourne
  • Hannah Morrice, University of Melbourne
  • Associate Professor Tricia Eadie, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Margaret Nixon, Australian National University
  • Roger Holdsworth, University of Melbourne


  • Dr Susanne Boerner, Marie Curie Global Fellowship in collaboration with the University of Sao Paulo
  • Professor Hayda Alves, Federal Fluminense University, Brazil


  • Assistant Professor Marjorie Montreuil, McGill University


  • Professor Andrea Lafaurie, Universidad del Norte


  • Dr Harry Shier, Queens University Belfast
  • Dr Colette Kelly, National University of Ireland
  • Dr Suja Somanadhan, University College Dublin


  • Associate Professor Louise Phillips, James Cook University

United Kingdom

  • Professor Kay Tisdall, University of Edinburgh

United States of America

  • Jennifer Lopez, MPA, LSSBB, UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities

Projects involved in our network:

Early Language in Victoria Study (ELVS) Multi-Institution project
Trisha Eadie, Griffith University and The University of Melbourne, Australia

Positive coping during COVID-19
Dr Colette Kelly, National University of Ireland, Ireland

Teaching & Learning in COVID-19 times
Associate Professor Louise Phillips, James Cook University, Singapore
Project link:

Netnography of children’s experiences, perspectives and contributions to the COVID-19 pandemic
Assistant Professor Marjorie Montreuil, McGill University, Canada

Coping with covid-19: everyday experiences and strategies of Brazilian youth
Dr Susanne Börner, University of Birmingham and University of Sao Paulo, UK & Brazil



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Lisa Gibbs