Project Summary

The Innovative Measurement of Australian Gender (IN)Equality (IMAGINE) project is a three-year research project  funded by the Australian Research Council and the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation.

IMAGINE aims to develop novel approaches for measuring gender equality in Australia. This will facilitate research into the effects of gender equality on health and socio-economic outcomes.

Gender equality is a key human right, and is fundamental to a healthy, prosperous, and peaceful society. Across Australia, organisations and industry, as well as governments at the local, state/territory and federal level, are taking steps to promote gender equality in a variety of contexts.

However, there is a lack of conceptual clarity about what gender equality represents within Australia, particularly in relation to how to measure the process of gender equality. This lack of clarity may hinder government and industry efforts to develop, implement, and evaluate effective policies and initiatives to advance gender equality and build a more equitable society.

Given the rapid development of policies and programs targeting gender equality in Australia, robust and appropriate measures of gender equality must be available to track progress. The work undertaken in this project will allow us to examine the effects of gender equality on health and socio-economic outcomes. By partnering with gender equality leaders in government and industry, this project aims to:

  1. Develop a framework for the operationalisation of gender equality in Australia;
  2. Create a way of measuring and monitoring gender equality in Australia;
  3. Assess the contribution of gender equality to social, economic, and health outcomes in Australia.

Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, The University of Melbourne
207 Bouverie St, Carlton VIC 3010

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Dr Tania King