Screen Stories

Project Description

The Screen Stories and Community Connections study was a qualitative project investigating how young people and their families living in outer-urban Melbourne use communication technologies in their everyday lives, and the relationship between social connection and technology for these families living in different settings and socioeconomic circumstances. Using multiple qualitative and participatory methods like online tours, mapping and interviews, we explored the way young people and their families perceive and pursue social connections, and in particular how access to, use of, and experiences with, technologies informs and/or supports these interactions. The study, conducted in 2010, allowed us to develop an understanding of the tools and resources a community needs for safe and effective use of technology to support social inclusion. It informed the development of a set of principles to guide implementation of technologically connected, socially inclusive communities in new neighbourhood developments. The study was also informed the evolution of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation (AMF) Cybersafety and Wellbeing Campaign, by helping to broaden the focus from schools to the community context, and enabling young people to make informed decisions about interacting positively and safely in their electronic world.

Current Status

The study was completed late 2010. The final research report is now available below and on the VicHealth website.

Screen Stories report

Key Papers

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