First Nations Peoples and Disaster Recovery

In collaboration with First Nations researchers and practitioners (with particular leadership from Bhiamie Williamson (ANU)), the Beyond Disasters team have been engaged since 2020 in research relating to First Nations communities affected by disasters such as bushfires. This includes efforts to address the dearth of research into the unique impacts of disasters such as bushfires on First Nations communities in Australia, and exploration of the role of healing knowledges and practices in supporting disaster recovery. This work has been conducted across a range of projects including Recovery Capitals (ReCap), the Bushfire Recovery Victoria research partnership, and the Red Cross Bushfire Recovery Program evaluation.

Indigenous healing and disaster recovery: A summary of dialogue (PDF)



Phoebe Quinn, University of Melbourne

Professor Lisa Gibbs, University of Melbourne

Dr. Claire Leppold, University of Melbourne

Key collaborators

Bhiamie Williamson,  Australian National University


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Phoebe Quinn