COVISION Australia


The COVISION project explored how children creatively managed the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic in different countries, including Australia.

The project was led by our colleagues from University College Dublin and Funded by the Health Research Board and Irish Research Council.

To learn more about the international COVISION project, please visit its official website.

Who led COVISION in Australia?

Our team, based at the University of Melbourne included Sunny Nguyen, Dr Katitza Marinkovic Chavez and Prof Lisa Gibbs.

This project would not have been possible without our collaborators from the Maribyrnong Youth Advisory Committee (MYAC), as well as Caitlyn Mesiti and Mahamed Ahmed from Maribyrnong City Council's Youth Services.

What did we learn from young people in Australia?

Through a series of co-design workshop, we listened to children and young people and provided a platform for their creative ideas.

Click here to download a summary of COVISION in Australia.

For more information about the COVISION Australia project, please contact Dr Katitza Marinkovic Chavez