Ben Harrap

Ben's doctoral research seeks to examine trends in Indigenous child removals in Western Australia and explore their health outcomes before and after entering the child protection system.

Health outcomes of Indigenous children in the child protection system in Western Australia

Ben Harrap

Supervisors: Sandra Eades, Bridgette McNamara, Alison Gibberd, Koen Simons

As part of the Indigenous Child Removals WA (I-CaRe WA) project, my PhD will examine the rate of child protection notifications, investigations, and removals, as well as the health outcomes of Indigenous children who are removed. Through the linkage of several administrative data sources (child protection and family support, hospitalisations and emergency department presentations) I will investigate how children’s health is impacted by being removed from their families/community. Individual factors such as the duration of time in care, age at removal and type of abuse will also be explored, as well as other influences such as parental and grand-parental health and spatial characteristics of the community from which the child was removed from.

Scholarship: Indigenous Epidemiology and Health Scholarship in Biostatistics