Jane Goller

Diagnosis and management of pelvic inflammatory disease in Australia

J.Goller photo

Supervisors names:  Prof Jane Hocking, Dr Alysha De Livera, Prof Christopher Fairley (Monash University), Rebecca Guy (University of New South Wales)

My epidemiological research focuses on diagnosis and management of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in Australia.  PID is a serious reproductive health issue in women that can cause infertility or ectopic pregnancy. Occurring when microbes ascend to the upper genital tract, PID often follows sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  PID pathophysiology varies and can present to a range of health settings, creating potential for misdiagnosis.  There are limited Australian and international data of the risk of PID from different STIs.  During my PhD I have analysed quantitative data from Australian primary and hospital settings.  I have published two peer reviewed papers focusing on PID pathogens in sexual clinic attendees.  The first estimated the population attributable fraction of PID associated with chlamydia infection, finding that around 15% of PID might be avoided by preventing chlamydia.  Findings will improve understanding of the risks of PID associated with different STIs and inform PID management and prevention.  I have analysed hospital admission and emergency data to measure PID incidence rates in Australia and a manuscript will soon be submitted to an international epidemiology journal. My PhD will also include analyses of medical practitioner surveys on knowledge and practices on PID diagnosis and management.

PhD scholarship and funding body: Australian Post Graduate Award, University of Melbourne