NHMRC Large Equipment Grant - Fabian Kong

MuviCyte Live-Cell Imaging System 

Fabian Kong

Dr Fabian Kong

Finding effective treatments for multi-drug resistant oral gonorrhoea requires a detailed understanding of its infection mechanisms.  Currently, it is unknown where and how gonorrhoea grows in the mouth.  Fabian Kong from the Sexual Health Unit (CEB) is answering these questions by leading a team that has developed the world’s first oral human tissue model of gonorrhoea infection and colonisation. He and colleagues have recently been awarded an MDHS NHMRC Large Equipment Grant to purchase the MuviCyte Live-Cell Imaging System which will be able to visualise the colonization/invasion of gonorrhoea and the effects of antibiotics in real-time.  Understanding this will provide new targets for novel interventions.  This large equipment grant was led by the Melbourne Dental School in collaboration with MSPGH.

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