2017 Picchi Award Winner

A novel approach to better predicting breast cancer risk using mammography and collaborations, Dr Kevin Nguyen

Dr Kevin Nguyen is developing better predictors of breast cancer risk, establishing novel ways of interpreting mammograms.

Mammography is used for screening and diagnosing breast cancer; yet the process also offers further untapped potential for breast cancer control. There is information within a mammogram that could predict the risk of breast cancers.

Mammography density has conventionally been defined as the white or bright areas on a mammogram. To date, mammography density is known to be one of the strongest risk factors of breast cancer. Dr Nguyen’s research is refining this approach to provide a more specific predictor for breast cancer risk.

To read the full story: https://www.victorianccc.org.au/news/dr-kevin-nguyen-picchi-award-winner-2017/

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre offers up to three $10,000 prizes to recognise excellence in cancer research amongst the top PhD students within the VCCC alliance. There will be one prize each for basic science, clinical science and population health.

The Picchi Brothers Foundation supports this award in the hope that it will inspire and encourage the next generation of leaders in cancer research.

The prizes are intended to recognise, develop and support high-performing students, based on the productivity and impact of the work from their PhD. The prizes are intended to provide recipients with the opportunity to travel internationally for conferences and/or collaborative work, and support their development towards research independence.

The scheme is available to PhD students who have confirmed candidature at a University affiliated with a VCCC alliance partner, and are undertaking cancer-related research training within a VCCC alliance partner at the application closing date.

For more information about the awards: https://www.victorianccc.org.au/opportunities/the-picchi-awards-for-excellence-in-cancer-research-2018/