HEAG Meetings & Deadlines

Meeting dates and deadlines for application submission

Ethics applications completed by researchers and students in the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health (MSPGH) must be submitted to MSPGH Human Ethics Advisory Group (HEAG). Researchers must submit their applications through Themis and upload all attached documents in PDF format. The PDF ethics application must be signed using an electronic signature by the responsible researcher. Applications must be submitted by 5:00pm on the day of each fortnightly deadline.

2019 HEAG meeting dates and deadlines

Meeting number

HEAG meeting date

HEAG submission deadline

Meeting 1

Friday 18 January

Friday 11 January

Meeting 2

Friday 1 February

Friday 25 January

Meeting 3

Friday 15 February

Friday 8 February

Meeting 4

Friday 1 March

Friday 22 February

Meeting 5

Friday 15 March

Friday 8 March

Meeting 6

Friday 29 March

Friday 22 March

Meeting 7

Friday 12 April

Friday 5 April

Meeting 8

Friday 3 May

Friday 26 April

Meeting 9

Friday 17 May

Friday 10 May

Meeting 10

Wednesday 5 June

Thursday 30 May

Meeting 11

Friday 28 June

Friday 21 June

Meeting 12

Friday 12 July

Friday 5 July

Meeting 13

Friday 26 July

Friday 19 July

Meeting 14

Friday 9 August

Friday 2 August

Meeting 15

Friday 23 August

Friday 16 August

Meeting 16

Friday 6 September

Friday 30 August

Meeting 17

Friday 4 October

Friday 27 September

Meeting 18

Friday 18 October

Friday 11 October

Meeting 19

Friday 1 November

Friday 25 October

Meeting 20

Friday 15 November

Friday 8 November

Meeting 21

Friday 29 November

Friday 22 November

Meeting 22

Friday 13 December

Friday 6 December

Project applications and program applications reviewed by MSPGH HEAG will be recommended for approval by MSPGH HEAG and will then be reviewed by the Health Sciences Human Ethics Sub-Committee (HESC) for final approval. Minimal risk ethics applications and project within program ethics applications will be reviewed and approved by the MSPGH HEAG.

2019 Medicine & Dentistry Human Ethics Sub Committee meeting dates and deadlines

Contact details

Ethics Advisor
Gemma Catley
Melbourne School of Population and Global Health