Human Ethics Advisory Group

The Melbourne School of Population and Global Health (MSPGH) Human Ethics Advisory Group (HEAG) conducts ethical and technical reviews of human ethics applications (and in some cases, provides approval) before applications are submitted to the University of Melbourne's Health Sciences Human Ethics Sub-Committee (HESC).

For most research involving humans to be conducted by staff and students within the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health (MSPGH), an ethics application must be completed and submitted to the HEAG. It must be written in language that an educated layperson can understand, avoiding the use of technical jargon.

HEAG reviews consider: adherence to guidelines, clear aims, feasibility, good design, justification, significance, risks and benefits.


  • Professor Richard Chenhall (Chair)
  • Associate Professor Nicola Reavley
  • Dr Karl Andriessen
  • Dr Adrian Bickerstaffe
  • Dr Meghan Bohren
  • Dr Sean Byars
  • Dr Dianne Currier
  • Dr Lina Gubhaju
  • Dr Caroline Lodge
  • Dr Wesley Pryor
  • Dr An-Duy Tran
  • Dr Sally Warmington
  • Gemma Catley (Senior Ethics Advisor)

Contact Details

Senior Ethics Advisor
Gemma Catley
Melbourne School of Population and Global Health