Enhancing small ruminant production in Sindh and Punjab

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Group of 5 children holding small goats in a rural village

This project is improving the profitability of smallholder farming households in Pakistan’s Punjab and Sindh provinces, through on-farm efficiency gains and development of dairy and beef market opportunities.
Smallholder dairy farms are a vital component of Pakistan’s mixed crop-livestock farming systems and the national economy. Milk is the primary product, but male calves and old cows are a key source of meat.

Demand for high quality meat and milk is rapidly increasing in Pakistan’s urban and regional centres. It is creating significant opportunities for smallholder dairy farming families, of which only a small proportion currently make any profit from dairy.

Increasing profit from the meat component of dairy farms is critical to address the economic viability and competitive advantage of smallholder dairy smallholder farms.

Opportunities to boost beef returns through on-farm efficiency improvements and linking smallholder families with markets will be investigated. Beef value chains will be analysed to identify opportunities and constraints for smallholders, and farmer business groups will be created and supported to enable smallholders to access more profitable beef markets.

Expected project outcomes

  • Improved efficiency of smallholder dairy farmer participation in dairy and beef value chains.
  • Additional income opportunities through beef production and improved market access.
  • Improved smallholder household livelihoods from increased value of beef.
  • Improved connections between smallholder farmers and markets.
  • Increased engagement between farm business groups and value-chain personnel.
  • Increased engagement of youth and women working on-farm and in the agricultural sciences.
  • Increased awareness among farmers of the opportunities for beef production from their farm to  maximise them.


Dr Angus Campbell


Dr Rebecca Doyle, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences


Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)

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One Health

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Nossal Institute for Global Health

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