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Worldwide, more than 65% of deaths go unregistered. Without a death certificate or documented cause of death it is difficult to precisely estimate the causes and risk factors for death, which then makes it difficult for countries to make data-driven decisions on policy and funding priorities.

The Data for Health project aims to enable countries to improve birth and death certificate systems, conduct public health surveys to monitor risk factors for early death, and support governments to strategically use public health data to inform policy priorities. The program aims to improve health data for over a billion people in twenty low and middle-income countries over four years.

The Nossal institute has expertise in international public health, health systems, health capacity building and the development of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) systems. The Institute contributes to the project by overseeing training in verbal autopsy methods; medical certification of cause of death, death and birth notifications; and other CRVS related training in specified countries—primarily in Asia and the Pacific.


Dr Matt Reeve


Global Burden of Disease

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