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Since 2016, the Nossal Institute has supported a Health Governance and Nutrition Project within Lao PDR. Working with the Government of Lao PDR and a local organisation—The Laos Tropical Public Health Institute—the Institute supports annual report annually on performance against disbursement-linked Indicators (DLIs).  This involves assessing the reliability of reporting made by the Lao PDR Health Management Information System against the project’s DLIs, using a protocol developed by the World Bank, who fund the project. These high-level monitoring and evaluation activities are not focused on levels of achievement of the DLI targets, or verifying actual performance, but rather on testing the reliability of the Health Information Management System.

Through evidence and learnings collected through this project, the Nossal Institute has made recommendations to the Government of Lao PDR and the World Bank about the DLI approach. Currently the Institute is looking at opportunities to further support the World Bank as it considers options for rolling out DLI based targets in other countries in the South East Asian and African regions.

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