Serious adverse events notification

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There is currently no clear requirement for services to notify the Victorian Office of the Chief Psychiatrist of adverse events resulting from the use of restrictive interventions, although this is encouraged. Additionally, when services do choose to notify the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist of such events, is unclear what information should be reported and how this may intersect with other reporting that is generally required within the health services themselves.

This project attempts to foster greater clarity around reporting and ensure that reporting is meaningful and purposeful. We will conduct a literature review of adverse event reporting in mental health services and develop a tool to guide services through the process of recording and reporting an adverse event in a way that involves collaboration with patients, carers and staff. Once we have developed the tool, we will pilot, evaluate and fine-tune it for use across Victoria.

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Recovery and Social Justice

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Data science, health metrics and disease modeling

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Centre for Mental Health

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