The Victorian Suicide Register Project


Project Details

The aim of this project to is implement and evaluate a purpose-designed suicide surveillance system: the Victorian Suicide Register (VSR)

Project summary

Suicide is a major public health problem. Conservatively, there are over 2,000 suicides in Australia annually, over a quarter of which occur in Victoria. Suicide is the leading cause of death for males aged <45 and females aged <35, and the 15th leading cause of death overall. Understanding of which interventions work in suicide prevention is limited. One of the reasons for this lack of knowledge is that current data sources are sub-optimal: they not sufficiently complete, comprehensive or accessible to answer key suicide prevention questions. The current project will implement and evaluate a systems-based intervention for guiding suicide prevention efforts. The VSR sits at the core of this systems-based intervention and will act as a respository for comprehensive, pertinent and timely information on all suicides occuring in Victoria. The register will be positioned to inform the evidence base for suicide prevention in a way that current datasets cannot do. Importantly, this evidence will be disseminated through the coronial process in a manner that maximises the likelihood that it will have a direct and lasting influence on policy and practice.


Professor Jane Pirkis

Dr Lyndal Bugeja (Coroners Prevention Unit, Coroners Court of Victoria)

Professor Rod McClure (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention Injury Centre, USA)

Dr Allison Milner


NHMRC Partnership Grant

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Mental Health Policy and Practice

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Prevention and management of non-communicable diseases (including cancer), and promotion of mental health

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Centre for Mental Health

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