Ten to Men (The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health)


Project Details

Ten to Men is building a national resource of current and valid information on male health that will inform the development of male health and wellbeing policies and service provision. The main objectives of Ten to Men are to:

  • examine male health and its key determinants including social, economic, environmental and behavioural factors that affect the length and quality of life of Australian males;
  • address a range of key research questions about the health of Australian males, including their health behaviours and risk factors (including risky behaviours), key life transition points, social and economic environments in which they work and live together with their use of health and other services; and
  • identify policy opportunities for improving the health and wellbeing of males and providing support for males at key life stages, particularly those at risk of poor health.

Project summary

Ten to Men (The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health) is a new national study recruiting males aged 10-55.  Funded by the Commonwealth Government Department of Health and led by Co-Chief Investigators Professor Jane Pirkis and Professor Dallas English,  Wave 1 recruitment and data collection is taking place from October 2013 to July 2014.  It is anticipated that 14 -16,000 males will be recruited. Four baseline instruments are being used: a self-complete paper questionnaire for males aged 15-17 years and for males aged 18 years and older, a computer assisted personal interview for males aged 10-14 years, and a self-complete paper questionnaire for parents of males aged 10-14 years. Baseline instruments capture data on a wide range of health, lifestyle and social and environmental factors. Data linkage with the Medicare Benefits Scheme and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule will be undertaken.  Follow-up data collection will occur every 2-3 years contingent on ongoing funding.


Professor Dallas English

Professor Jane Pirkis

Dr Dianne Currier

Mr Robert Lukins

Wayne Davidson


Australian Government Department of Health

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Mental Health Policy and Practice

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Data science, health metrics and disease modeling

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