Improving the health of Indigenous and non-Indigenous ex-prisoners: A multi-jurisdictional, mixed-methods study

Project Details

We aim to:

  1. compare the health-related experiences of Indigenous and non-Indigenous ex-prisoners in two Australian states, during the first two years post-release;
  2. Identify barriers to, and facilitators of, access to appropriate community-based health care for Indigenous and non-Indigenous ex-prisoners;
  3. Explore the health consequences of prisoners' exclusion from Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), both in custody and post-release;
  4. Identify pathways linking health care utilisation, physical and psychiatric morbidity, mortality and recidivism among Indigenous and non-Indigenous ex-prisoners;
  5. Explore the impact of mental illness on physical health, health service utilisation and offending outcomes among Indigenous and non-Indigenous ex-prisoners.

Project summary

This study will focus on health outcomes and health service utilisation among adult ex-prisoners in two states that hold 44% of Australia's Indigenous prisoners. Using an innovative combination of quantitative and qualitative interviews, detailed audit of health records and prospective record linkage, we will identify the key health needs of this highly marginalised group and recommend targets for public health intervention and policy reform to reduce the burden of disease and improve physical health, mental health and criminal justice outcomes.


Associate Professor Stuart Kinner

Megan Carroll

Kathryn Snow

Emma Thomas

Dr Georgina Sutherland


National Health and Medical Research Council project grant

Research Group

Mental Health Policy and Practice

School Research Themes

Disparities, disadvantage and effective health care

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Centre for Mental Health

MDHS Research library
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