Housing, place, and health inequalities across the life course

Project Details

The social and environmental context of housing is a critical component of the healthy housing relationship, yet the extent to which health effects of insecure, poor quality, or unaffordable housing interact with people’s broader residential context remains under-researched. This project aims to develop a deeper understanding of the role housing and residential contexts play in health equity, by examining the extent to which inequalities in physical and mental health are explained by differential access to affordable, secure, suitable housing in Australia, and by exploring the interplay between housing and people’s wider residential context in relation to health. Understanding these relationships better can inform housing policies and local investment strategies, and help tackle the challenge of pandemic recovery, in the context of the climate emergency and existing health challenges such as obesity and mental health.



This project is funded by a University of Melbourne McKenzie Fellowship.

Project period

2022 – 2025


Dr Kate Mason

Research Group

Healthy Housing

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Department / Centre

Centre for Health Policy

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