Inter-rater reliability of assessments for triage severity classifications across Victorian emergency departments.

Project Details

Using simulated patient scenarios, the current project will conduct inter-rater reliability assessments for triage severity classifications among hospitals providing emergency care to children.  The project is therefore focused on assessing variation in Triage category 4 and 5 presentations (diagnosis, time of presentation, age, demographics) and consistency of classification of Triage category 4 and 5 across hospital EDs.  

Project summary

The research team will construct 5 detailed patient case presentations for children of mild/moderate severity which would meet criteria for triage category 4 or 5. The presentations will be provided in written form to 10 health care personnel at each of the 3 study hospitals (Northern, Sunshine and RCH) with responsibility for determining triage category for ED presentations. The Kappa statistic to assess inter-rater reliability will be calculated both for the personnel within and between each hospital.


Professor Gary Freed

Amy Allen

Amie Bingham

Pilar Cantero-Blanco

Caroline Nicolas


The research is being funded by the Northern Melbourne Medicare Local, Royal Children's Hospital Foundation, and the Department of Health, State Government of Victoria.

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Health Systems and Workforce

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Disparities, disadvantage and effective health care

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Centre for Health Policy

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