Evaluation of 2014 Population Health Development Course

Project Details

To evaluate the extent to which the 2014 population health course has continued to build population health knowledge; mobilised population leadership; and built capability to apply population health approaches.

Project summary

  • To what extent was 2014 course components implemented as intended?
  • What contextual factors (enablers, barriers) have influenced the 2014 course implementation?
  • What impact has 2014 course had for participants, organisations, and systems?
  • To what extent has the 2014 Course built capacity (knowledge, partnerships, infrastructure, leadership etc)
  • To what extent are the impacts and outcomes of the 2014 Course sustainable?
  • What contextual factors (enablers, barriers) will influence the sustainability of the 2014 course achievements?


Dr Lucio Naccarella


North West Region Department of Health

Research Group

Health Systems and Workforce

School Research Themes

Data science, health metrics and disease modeling

Key Contact

For further information about this research, please contact the research group leader.

Department / Centre

Centre for Health Policy

MDHS Research library
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