Understanding the Impact of Organisational Health Literacy Initiatives on Clients

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Organisational health literacy can improve client’s health seeking behaviors, ability to better understand and self-manage health conditions.  Limited evidence exist from clients about the impact of organisational health literacy initiatives. Since 2013 Healthwest Partnership has supported member agencies build their organisational health literacy capacity.  A mixed methods evaluation using, individual interviews and focus group discussions was conducted of organisational health literacy initiatives in four Healthwest Partnership member agencies, on clients, specifically: their impacts, contextual factors, sustainability requirements and principles contributing to client impacts. Thirty-eight clients and 32 staff participated in the evaluation. Organisational health literacy initiatives are building client’s knowledge and understanding of how to manage their conditions.  Minimal evidence was found of clients having an active involvement in making informed shared decisions about their care.Three principles are contributing to client impacts: 1) People - initiatives are co-designed, delivered and responsive to clients and staff needs; 2) Places - initiatives are aligned with agency values, championed by staff, supported by processes; 3) Systems - initiatives are embedded within existing systems of care. Recommendations are presented for organisational health literacy initiative developers, deliverers and system change efforts.  Evidence gaps exist at a client, organisation and systems level.

Project dates - 2019-2020


A/Prof Lucio Naccarella


  • HealthWest Partnership and the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health

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