Evaluation of embedding a primary care nurse in a transitional support service

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As part of an ongoing quality improvement project by Jesuit Social Services (JSS), this project aims to evaluate the outcomes of embedding a primary care nurse for 12 months in the ReConnect program delivered by JSS, who provide care for adults transitioning from prison to the community. The primary care nurse is working with clients to improve patient activation, defined as knowledge, skills and confidence to manage one’s own healthcare.

The key questions of this project are:

  1. What is the impact of the embedded primary care nurse on a) client contact with health services, b) client patient activation (defined below) and c) ReConnect staff support for patient activation?
  2. What are the health-related characteristics of ReConnect clients?


Stuart Kinner

Jesse Young

Alexander Love

Emilia Janca


Jesuit Social Services (JSS)

Bolton Clarke

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (SVHM)


St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (SVHM)

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Centre for Health Equity

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