Health and Community Service Agreements

  • Professor Marcia Langton

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    Since the inception of the federal ‘Close the Gap’ campaign there has been dramatic increase in agreements and agreement making in response to the National Partnership Agreement on Closing the Gap in Indigenous Health Outcomes. By designing the ATNS database to capture data on these and other fields, and populating the database with agreements information, the research team aims to develop a picture of health related agreements as a body of mechanisms for intervention. Data analysis is underway to identify critical features of the data, such as the purposes of the agreements, priorities in the health issues addressed, parties to the agreements, etc. This project will contribute to the Closing the Gap priorities and will be of significant use for governments, health service delivery agencies and health researchers with an interest in policy, evaluation and assessment of health outcomes.

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    Agreements with Indigenous People

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    The Agreements, Treaties and Negotiated Settlements (ATNS) Project began in January 2002 with an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant. The ATNS Database is the only resource of its kind that captures and demonstrates the range and variety of agreement making with Indigenous people that occur in Australia and in other parts of the world. Agreements relating to health and community services and with Australian Indigenous parties are sources of rich data on policy and strategies, health service delivery, health information, health infrastructure and facilities, and social determinants of health. At present the Agreements, Treaties and Negotiated Settlements database contains over 200 Health and Community Service Agreements between Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities .  This project will broaden and update the health-related data on the ATNS database, further developing the capacity of the database with a focus on Health and Community Service Agreements.

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    Professor Marcia Langton

    Lyndon Ormond-Parker (Indigenous Studies Unit & Grimade Centre for Cultural Materials (SHAPS))

    Kristen Smith

    Jacqui Katona (Indigenous Studies Unit)

    Lily O'Neill (Indigenous Studies Unit and Melbourne Law School)

    Jasper Coleman (Indigenous Studies Unit)


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    Indigenous Studies Unit

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    Disparities, disadvantage and effective health care

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    Centre for Health Equity

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    Indigenous Studies Unit

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