Alcohol Management Plans: Innovation in Research and Evaluation

Project Details

This study drew on the lessons of the past five decades of strategies and an analysis of current practices in the sector. Fieldwork was conducted in four locations across the NT to explore of a range of issues including the management of alcohol in: ‘open towns’ and remote communities, within the broader context of regional, Territory and federal programs, policies and legislation. An evaluation framework has been developed, based on the Minimum Standards, drawn from the relevant legislative instrument under the Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Act 2012 (Cth). The findings from this research  the application of these standards for communities developing, implementing and evaluating their Alcohol Management Plans (AMPs) in the Northern Territory.

The study recommended a population health approach, using strategies from:

  • the legislative framework
  • the public health framework
  • community development approaches, and
  • ‘rights and responsibilities’, or supported personal agency approaches.

Program Name

Alcohol policy and management

Project Summary

This project was developed to provide evidence to advise the Federal Government on an evaluation framework for Alcohol Management Plans in the Northern Territory under the Stronger Futures in the northern  Territory Act 2012. A key outcome of the study was the development of an Evaluation Framework for Alcohol Management Plans consisting of four stages: (1) pre-AMP planning (alcohol in community contexts); (2) building evaluation into an AMP; (3) approval and variation; and, (4) ongoing monitoring. This project entailed a detailed study of the relevant literature, including AMP evaluation reports, and was based on fieldwork conducted in Alice Springs, Darwin, Jilkminggan, and Katherine. Further analysis was conducted by the team on supply, demand and harm reduction strategies, data collection, datasets, access, methods, reporting and monitoring.


Professor Marcia Langton

Professor Peter d'Abbs (Centre for Health Equity, University of Melbourne; Menzies School of Health)

A/Professor Richard Chenhall

Ms Kristen Smith


Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Research Funding - Past

Research Outcomes

  1. Smith, K., Langton, M., d'Abbs, P., Room, R., Chenhall, R., & Brown, A. 2013, Alcohol management plans and related reforms, Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse, Sydney, NSW, viewed,; 
  2. Smith, K., Langton, M., d'Abbs, P., Room, R., Chenhall, R., & Brown, A. 2014, Alcohol Management Plans, In E. Manton, R. Room, C. Giorgi, & M. Thorn (eds.), Stemming the tide of alcohol: Liquor licensing and the public interest,  Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education in collaboration with The University of Melbourne, Canberra;  
  3. Smith, K., Langton, M. & Chenhall, R. 2015, Alcohol policy and assemblages of intervention: Managing alcohol in Indigenous communities, Addiction 2015: Alcohol, Other Drugs, Behavioural Addictions: Prevention, Treatment and Recovery, Surfers Paradise, Australia, 20 – 22 May 2015, pp. 101-114.

Research Group

Indigenous Studies Unit

School Research Themes

Disparities, disadvantage and effective health care

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Department / Centre

Centre for Health Equity

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