Indigenous Studies Unit

Research Overview

The Indigenous Studies Unit aims to develop world-class teaching and research in Australian Indigenous Studies.   In   collaboration with other Faculties, Centres, international scholars and agencies, the Unit works to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled in Research Higher Degrees (RHDs) through a range of strategies, including the continuation of the Professional Certificate in Indigenous Research and the Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Research and Leadership. The Unit contributes to an effective evidence base in a range  of  research  areas  that contribute to improved outcomes in Indigenous health, economic participation, and cultural  and  resource  management. Current research includes agreements with Indigenous people; alcohol policy and alcohol management plans; cultural heritage and digital technology; and cultural materials collections.

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Professor Marcia Langton (Unit Head)

Dr Lyndon Ormond-Parker

Dr Kristen Smith

Shane Bawden

Todd Fernando

Rebecca Cullen

Louise Murray

Anna Maddison

Dr James Rose

Tahlia Eastman

Millicent Perry

Dr Suzanne Spunner (Honorary Senior Fellow)

Dr Dino Hodge (Honorary Senior Fellow)

Emily Cheesman (Honorary Research Fellow)


Each of our units is involved in research collaborations at local, national and international levels. These range from government departments seeking our input for policy development, to Indigenous communities advising our researchers on how best to deliver trachoma programs within their communities.

Powerful resources and productive relationships sustain our work. Our partnerships include governments and health departments in Australia and internationally, the World Health Organization, universities and many other institutes and organisations in other countries, the Cochrane Public Health Group, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (Vic Health).

The efforts of our researchers and staff have been recognised in many ways, including numerous awards, NHMRC and ARC Grants and Fellowships and ARC Linkage Grants, invitations to address prestigious international assemblies, and international prizes for their research.